SENCOM™ Active Junction Box, BA11

The BA11 Active Junction Box is designed for a wide range of industrial environments and is tested against the latest standards.

The model BA11 Active Junction Box has the ability to connect multiple Yokogawa SA11 smart adapters, acting as slave devices, to a host system using one trunk connection, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

The BA11 Active Junction Box automatically senses a (dis)connected smart adapter, and as a result, switches the 120 Ω line termination for keeping the RS-485 communication balanced. This way, a plug and play solution is provided without the need for manually placed terminating resistors.


  • Auto-balancing of RS-485 digital bus
  • Star topology for connecting multiple (maximum 4) Yokogawa smart adapters.
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Application in industrial environments
  • Wall and pipe mounting options



In a moderate application at 25°C and 1 bar a normal pH sensor does not need more than once a month recalibration. This is the same for when stored on the shelf. If it is within 4 weeks of the last calibration it does not require recalibration. I...
Yes it can be all used with all types of SA11 versions.
The IP rating of the BA11 is IP66 (acc. IEC 60529:1989 + A1:1999+ A2:2013) and NEMA classification: Type 4X (acc. NEMA 250:2014).
The BA11 is delivered with a mounting bracket which can be attached to the back of the FLXA402. Also, pipe and wall-mounting are available. It is advised to use the 1-meter WU11 cable when mounting it on the back of the analyzer. ...
With the SA11 a maximum of five sensors can be connected to the analyzer. To one SENCOM module a total of four SA11+ analogue sensors can be connected using the BA11 active junction box. See below the possibilities.   Slot 3 ...
The WU11 cables are used between the BA11 and the FLXA402. WE10 is used between the FU20-VS / PH21-VS and FU24-VS and the SA11. ...
Without using the BA11 active junction box the maximum distance is 100 meters. When using the BA11 it is possible to extend a further 100 meters. Making it a total of 200M. ...

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