IIoT Solutions for Efficiency

Efficiency, the key to maximizing output
The accurately targeted collection of massive amounts of data from a network can give one a bird’s eye view of a plant’s operations. Networks also allow information from individual plants and entire regions to be brought together. From this data all kinds of insights can be gleaned and issues identified such as deviations from plan in production quantity or quality, deviations from normal production capacity, slight downgrades in equipment performance, and imbalances of energy demand and supply. 
Vigilantly monitoring for such developments, Yokogawa can step in and offer advanced consulting and other IIoT services to maximize performance.

Provide something more than only Data Analytics, we say it AI-Driven Autonomous Optimization

Achieving consistent quality by detecting problems at an early stage

Optimize supply chain with inventory visualization & collaboration

Maximize the equipment up-time via process data remote monitoring

Cloud computing to minimize community energy costs

Acquisition and utilization of massive amounts of plant data to improve operational efficiency and safety

Use of CPS (cyber physical system) to make near-term predictions of plant behavior

Improving the efficiency of condition monitoring to minimize costs

AI Analysis of “Pure PV” for Predictive Detection of Cavitation

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