1. Basic Policy
    We seek to increase transparency by making fair, timely, and appropriate disclosures of important information concerning the Company, thereby maintaining and strengthening relationships based on trust with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. Through these activities, we help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the Company.
  2. Policy on Activities
    1. We pursue the timely, transparent, and fair disclosure of information so that every stakeholder, including shareholders and investors, can easily obtain an accurate understanding of all important topics pertaining to Yokogawa.
    2. In order to promote a deeper understanding of the Company, we engage in constructive discussions on our management policies and views that are conducted from a medium- to long-term perspective, i.e. are not merely focused on short-term performance.
    3. Information on shareholder and investor expectations and opinions received through our activities is provided to the Board of Directors and other decision makers to assist them in the performance of their duties.
  3. Dialogue Policy
    In conformity with the Standards of Business Conduct and the Disclosure Policy, in order to contribute to sustainable growth and increased corporate value over the medium to long term, the Company will promote constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors.

    The department in charge of IR, which is under the oversight of the responsible officer, will play the central role in the handling of dialogue.
    However, based on the wishes of a shareholder or other stakeholder and the matter of main interest in a meeting, the department will positively consider whether the President and Chief Executive Officer or other member of management, or an Outside Director or Audit & Supervisory Board Member can participate in the meeting to achieve a quick response if needed.br /> The Company will strive to promote an understanding of the Company, placing utmost importance on dialogue through in-person meetings. However, depending on the needs of overseas shareholders and others, the Company will also engage in dialogue through means, including telephone and e-mail. When making dialogue, the Company will ensure to prevent leakage of insider information.

    In order to encourage constructive dialogue with shareholders and others, when meeting with a shareholder for the first time, for example, we will try to enhance the content of the meeting by providing explanations not only about financial information, but also about non-financial information. In addition, we will strive to deepen shareholders' and investors' understanding of the Company by holding financial results briefings, business briefings, factory tours, and other events.
    The responsible officer and the department in charge of IR will regularly hold meetings with the representative director and president and, as necessary, share the details of meetings with related departments, and provide reports to the Board of Directors, etc., thereby leading to improvements targeting effective dialogue.