Questions from investors concerning topics such as stock-related administrative matters and Yokogawa's financial performance

Questions Concerning Stocks

Q1: What is Yokogawa's stock code?

A: The stock code is 6841.

Q2: What is the minimum number of shares allowed per trade?

A: The minimum number of shares is 100.

Q3: Who are Yokogawa's major shareholders?

A: Please refer to the Stock Information page.

Q4: What are the record dates for payment of dividends from the surplus?

A: The record dates are March 31 and September 30.

Q5: What is Yokogawa’s dividend policy?

A: Please refer to the Dividends page.

Q6: What is the long-term trend for dividend payments?

A: Please refer to the Dividends page.

Q7: Who is the administrator of the register of shareholders?

A: Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
 2-8-4 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 168-8507

Q8: Who are the principal analysts covering Yokogawa?

A: Please refer to the Analyst Coverage page.

Q9: Is there a preferential treatment for shareholders program?

A: No.

Questions concerning finance / business results

Q1: What are Yokogawa's accounting periods?

A:The fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. Quarterly settlement is undertaken at the end of June, September, December, and March.

Q2: What is the trend in Yokogawa's business results and the outlook for the coming year?

A: Please refer to the Financial Fact Book (PDF:  863KB/24P) for charts and tables summarizing our performance over the past ten years and to the Financial Statements on the Financial Results page for the latest business results and the outlook for the next term.

Q3: What is Yokogawa's ROE, ratio of shareholders' equity, and book-value per share (BPS)?

A: You can access these and other key indicators in the Financial Fact Book (PDF:  863KB/24P).

Q4: How well have Yokogawa's principal business segments performed?

A: Please refer to the Sales by Segment section of the Financial Fact Book (PDF:  863KB/24P).

Q5: When will Yokogawa's financial results be announced?

A: Please refer to the IR Calendar page.

Q6: Who are Yokogawa's accounting auditors?

A: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC is appointed.