Disclosure Policy

Our position on information disclosure

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Yokogawa) announces the following basic disclosure policy from the Standards of Business Conduct for the Yokogawa Group: "We provide accurate and ample information to customers so that they can use our products and services in safety and with satisfaction. We openly and accurately disclose corporate and management information to our shareholders. We maintain a sound and clear relationship with our shareholders." Our principle of disclosure is to practice timely, transparent, fair, and continuous disclosure so that every stakeholder including shareholders and investors can easily and accurately understand important information relating to Yokogawa.

To prevent insider trading, we have established the "Regulations on Prevention of Insider Trading" as an internal regulation and have tried to manage insider information appropriately.

  • Standards for Information Disclosure
    Yokogawa discloses information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other relevant legislation, and the Timely Disclosure Regulations (hereinafter referred to as "the regulations") enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Yokogawa will also positively disclose any other information that is considered to have an impact on the investment decisions of investors.
  • Information Disclosure Method
    Disclosure of information falling under the regulations is made through the Timely Disclosure System of the TSE (TDnet) immediately following the presentation of that information to the TSE. Information disclosed is also promptly disclosed on our website. Regarding the disclosure of information not required by the regulations, Yokogawa fully respects and observes the need for timely disclosure, and makes every effort to assure accurate and fair disclosure to investors by appropriate methods.
  • Future Prospects
    Any statements made on this website that are not based on historical fact are forward-looking statements based on certain assumptions. Projections may differ from actual financial results due to uncertainties involving such factors as economic conditions, the demand for our products and services, and changes in taxation and other regulations. The reader is therefore advised to not rely exclusively on these projections when evaluating our performance and determining our value as a going concern.
  • Silence Period
    In order to prevent the release of any information that may affect our stock price while our financial results are being prepared, we have established a silence period from the day after the closing day of the respective financial period until the announcement of financial results is made. If it appears likely that the financial results will vary substantially from the latest projections, we will in accordance with the regulations issue a revised projection by way of TDnet and announce this with a press release and a statement on our website.