Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, our society faces a number of issues such as the need to achieve both economic growth and environmental preservation while providing solutions for limited energy and resources. Specifically, the increase in demand for oil, natural gas, electricity and other energy resources, and environmental problems such as global warming, are more evident than ever before due to the fast-growing economies of emerging markets and other countries, coupled with the increasing global population.

With Yokogawa Group's corporate philosophy of "contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information," we are working to resolve the aforementioned issues in the context of our business activities.

Our "Evolution 2015" Mid-Term Business Plan states that we will help solve the unique challenges faced by emerging markets, resource-rich countries, Western nations and other countries and regions--such as energy conservation, the reduction of environmental impact and improved plant safety--by utilizing our solutions. Moreover, we will make proactive efforts to develop technologies that will be useful for the creation of alternative, renewable and other new energy sources.

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We will strive to create new value with our customers, as a "global solutions and service company" that provides ways to address challenges from the customer's point of view. We won't stop there, however. We will also anticipate social challenges that might arise in the communities in which our customers and Yokogawa conduct business. We will implement CSR activities with the concept of what Yokogawa calls "B to B to C (Business to Business to 'Community') through which we work with our customers to build the future of customers, industries and the earth," and will unite all our efforts as Yokogawa Group in a commitment to contribute to building a sustainable society through the use of our technologies in measurement, control and information.

Yokogawa's mission, since its inception in 1915, has been to provide electrical measuring instruments, electronic measuring devices and industrial control equipment and thereby help society grow and develop. This founding principle has been passed on to the present in our corporate philosophy: "Contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information."

We believe our most important social responsibility is to help build a sustainable society through our business activities.

Yokogawa has established the corporate philosophy and the standards of business conduct applied to all the group companies. These policies clearly describe Yokogawa's corporate responsibility.