FLXA21/202 change from contacting conductivity to inductive conductivity

The contacting and inductive sensors can both be measured using the FLXA202 analyzer but they require a different input module.  The input module required varies based on the model number of the FLXA21/202.   Look at the data plate on your analyzer and find the 2 letter code for “TYPE”:

Then find that code in the top line of the table below:

The part number for the Input Module you need to order is on the Module (in this example ISC) line below your Type Code.

The Input Modules Snap into place inside the FLXA202. There may be a black rubber locking adapter behind the tabs on the side of the input module. Remove this lock and then push the tabs out on both sides at the same time to remove the Input Module.

See below for the tabs (1) and Locking adapter (2):

Here is the Locking adapter partially removed:

You can order the Input Module from one of our Sales Representatives for your area. Locate your sales rep here.

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