What are the CF and DD files used with the ISA100 wireless products? What is the purpose and usage of each of these files?

The CF file is the Capabilities File and is used during configuration of the ISA100 system.  It includes information such as the device vendor name, model code, revision, list of process values and number of data parameters.    Each CF file must be uploaded into the YFGW410 gateway one time during the configuration process for each type of transmitter being configured.    A different CF file version is required for each distinct version number of a given transmitter.  

The DD file is a Device Description file and is used with tools such Yokogawa's device configuration tool, Fieldmate. DD files show information of parametres such as the data structure and attributes.


The file name extension for each file is as follows:

******.cff  = Capabilities File

******.ff5  = Device Description File (1/2)

******.sy5 = Device Description File (2/2)



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