What are the file extensions used by the CX1000/CX2000?

  • The CX1000/CX2000 use the following file extensions:
    • Display data file: Mddhhmma.CDS
    • Event data file: Mddhhmma.CEV
    • Manual sample data file: Mddhhmma.DMN
    • TLOG data file: Mddhhmma.DTG
    • Hourly data file: Mddhhmma.DHR
    • Daily data file: Mddhhmma.DDR
    • Weekly data file: Mddhhmma.DWR
    • Monthly data file: Mddhhmma.DMR
  • For reference:
    • M: Month (1-9 for January-September, X-Z for October-December)
    • dd: day
    • hh: hour
    • mm: minute
    • a: the lowest digit of the year (0 to 9, except if another file with the same month, day, hour, and minute exist, in which case, “a” to “z” are assigned in alphabetical order).

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