What PC operating systems are supported by the LL1100/LL1200 software?

The LL1100/LL1200 software version R1.07.01 and higher supports the following operating systems: -Windows XP (Home Edition/Professional , 32 bit version )-Windows Vista Business (with Service Pack 1, 32 bit version )-Windows 7 Professional (32 bit/64 bit versions)

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The software package that enables you to set the configuration parameters of model US1000 Digital Indicating Controller via the optical communications adapter attached on controller front panel. Parameter data upload and download, read, write and print parameters, file management, trend display, tuning functions are available.


The software package used to create custom computation programs and custom display functions for LL1200. computation program upload and download, file management, debugging and printing functions are available. The funciton of LL1100 is also included.


72×144×100 mm sized Digital Indicating Controller has clear bar graph display for PV, SV and MV. It comes with powerful 14 control modes, including optional Custom Computation and dual loop control. The universal input, auto-tuning, "SUPER" functions are standard. Position proportional control and RS485 communication are optionally available.

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