2021 Cell Bio Virtual

Dates: Dec 1 - 10, 2021
Location: Online
Venue: Virtual
Website: https://www.ascb.org/cellbio2021/registration/

Cell Bio 2021 Virtual Event Presentations Yokogawa Life Science Life Innovations


Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2021 Cell Bio Virtual and be sure to attend these presentations:


  • Super-Resolution & HCA Microscopy Options
    Dan Collins, Applications Scientist, Yokogawa Life Science Americas
    Tuesday, December 7th, 4:00pm Eastern

    During this discussion attendees will be presented with information that showcases the benefits of using Yokogawa's High Content Solutions. The Benchtop Confocal CellVoyager CQ1 and CellVoyager CV8000 will be discussed, as well as recent upgrades to the CSU-W1. These devices are known for remarkable image quality while increasing output autonomy, which allows more time to complete other research activities
  • SiLC-MS (Single Live Cell Mass Spectrometry) Analysis in the Context of Drug Discovery
    Carla Newnan, Scientific Leader (Cellular Imaging and Dynamics), GSK
    Wednesday, December 8th, 4:00pm Eastern

    In the last few decades, the pharmaceutical industry has transformed people’s lives. However, the development of new drugs is becoming increasingly difficult and a paradigm shift in the drug discovery workflow is required to reduce attrition. This presentation will discuss SiLC-MS, a semi-automated methodology that allows the collection of intracellular contents using a modified CellVoyager CQ1 imaging system developed by Yokowaga. Key topics include the applicability of the SiLC-MS technology to drug discovery, validation studies performed using the SiLC-MS platform, and the ability to distinguish different cell types based on their metabolomic fingerprint.

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