Digitalize Conveyor Belt Roller Monitoring -Reduce Production Loss and Ensure the Operational Continuity-

Current Situation and Issues

The Throughput in a Mining Operation Is Directly Proportional to the Conveyor Belt Systems Performance

Sometimes, the roller has the difficulty to rotate (mainly due to a bearing failure and the constant friction between the roller and rubber belts) often resulting in a fire occurrences. In that case, the plant has to stop production in long term, which causes catastrophic damage to the management. Hence, continuous monitoring of all rollers temperature is required to prevent fire and minimize downtime.

typical reactive conveyor belt monitoring models

Manual/route-based monitoring with IR thermal inspections
The onset of temperature spikes cannot be predicted.
It could happen after the route has been completed. Also, some areas of the conveyor belt maybe in unsafe places.

Install wireless point sensors at given points
Only a partial health status visibility of the assets within the plant.
Initial cost and running cost increase when a number of wireless point sensors are installed.

Convectional linear heat detector
It can detect when fire-accident actually happens by the short circuit of twisted pair metal wire with melted outer. It can’t prevent fire and locate the location of fire.

They should aspire to move towards digitalizing the inspection and maintenance processes.


YOKOGAWA's DTSX Solution and Benefits

  • Ability to monitor long and wide conveyor belts in real-time.
  • HMI graphical drawings enable excellent visibility for operators.
  • Centralized monitoring and diagnostics permits failure prediction.
  • 7-10x lower downtime and 70% OPEX savings compared to reactive and proactive monitoring models.

Comparison of downtime periods for each maintenance way

Comparison of downtime periods for each maintenance way

The Integrated Conveyor belt Monitoring Solution

The Integrated Conveyor belt Monitoring Solution


Features of Optical Fiber Sensing in DTSX System

Temperature distribution monitored every 1 m

Temperature distribution monitored every 1 m

  • Monitoring distance : to 50 km
  • Monitoring temperature : -200 to 300 °C
  • Shortest monitoring cycle : Approx. 5 seconds
  • Temperature resolution : 0.03 °C
    *: each specification dependent on conditions

Main Features

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring even in wide areas and ordinarily non-manned areas
  • Power supply not required, explosion-proof, not affected by electromagnetic noise
  • Flexible installation
  • High compatibility with DCS and other host systems (Modbus / TCP)


Customer Case Studies

Quick implementation of new conveyor belt fire detection system

The customer had implemented a Linear Heat Detector (LHD) to detect fires, however the maximum coverage length was 3kms and was furthermore unable to precisely locate the position of fire.
Eventually, the customer came across an unexpected fire accident and needed to replace a fire detection system very quickly.
Yokogawa performed a quick site feasibility study, implemented the DTSX solution with no lead time, and acquired the customer’s firm trust.


Quick implementation of new conveyor belt fire detection system


Realize managing bioleaching in vast Copper Mines

Bioleaching is a popular organic process to extract metal from low-grade ores. The organic process involves the application of bacteria, which loses its effectiveness at very high and low temperature extremes. The challenge was to measure the thermal profile of phreatic level over a vast area. As it was difficult to measure temperature over a long distance using traditional electronic based measurement, The customer selected Yokogawa’s DTSX. The solution provided a high resolution temperature profile with no need of specialized knowledge. 24/7 access to temperature data from a HMI panel allowed the customer to take necessary actions to adjust temperature levels.


Realize managing bioleaching in vast Copper Mines


* Some graphs and images are quoted from the eBook ("Digitalize Conveyor Belt Monitoring") created by Frost & Sullivan.


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