Peter Roodenburg, the new Managing Director of Yokogawa Netherlands, embraces change

Some of Yokogawa's relations already know me, as I have been employed by Yokogawa since 2007. Realizing that not everyone does, I start with a short introduction of myself. I am 46 years old or young - depending on your perspective and I live with my family in a small village in the middle of The Netherlands. With my passion for technological developments I am privately active with computer technology, 3D printing and Domotica that has been implemented throughout my home. In my professional career I have over 25 years of experience in the Process Industry in various positions, where I was responsible for various turn-key and business optimization projects within Europe.

Ready for change
My new role within Yokogawa starts in the middle of a situation in which you and I are confronted with many challenges and paradoxes. For example, the paradox of staying at home because of COVID-19 and still wanting to be physically close to family and friends. Or working fulltime from home and holding remote meetings and at the same time keeping employees connected to each other and to the company. Yokogawa also faces many challenges and paradoxes. Perhaps the biggest challenge right now is that we are developing innovations with new technology for existing and new markets. And at the same time, we continue to invest in our existing technology and capabilities. In itself, this situation is not unique as companies have been doing this for centuries: existing business finances new business. 

Accelerate innovation through Squads
Our Innovation Squads Seveso and Renewables are good examples of this. With innovative projects, such as a unique fire detection solution for stables in the agricultural sector with the ammonia resistant Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTSX). Or testing the safety of the largest electric transport bike ever. PostNL, the market leader in The Netherlands, is the first to deliver parcels with this cargo e-bike in the city centre without emission of CO2, NOx and particulate matter. To help reduce these CO2 emissions in the industry as well, the Renewables Squad focuses on the energy transition. Here, the availability of renewable sources is an important fact, as well as seasonal demand patterns for energy. This creates the challenge to store the generated energy that is not used. For example, with batteries, molecules as energy carriers such as hydrogen and formic acid, which can be used to replace low-emission fuels such as diesel generators.

Our industry ready for the future!
Great developments that contribute to sustainability in our rapidly changing market situation. Although the need to transform ourselves and get a grip on new business is becoming more urgent by the day, this challenge is actually something I am excited about! In my view, our industry has a bright future ahead. Just take a look at all the new solutions and services we are currently launching. To help you keep pace with rapid technological progress and an ever-changing business environment. For instance, if you want to start the digital transformation (DX) in your company, we will pave the way for you towards a future in which industries make the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy (IA2IA). Just look at the OpreX Managed Service, a unique service that gives you a single dashboard overview of all factory equipment so you can perform highly efficient and predictable maintenance. You will hear a lot about it! 

Pro-active co-innovation
Enough challenges, and we will have to reinvent ourselves to a certain extent. It is important that we actively pursue this bright future together. For example, that Yokogawa adapts your wishes and needs to the new technology we are developing. That’s where we will focus on, with the motto 'embrace change'. Are you ready?