Webinar Improve your WtE and Biomass plant profitability

Within our industry, one of the main goals these days is to reduce our CO and NOx emission. How can we realise this and still improve the operation performance and profitability of for example WtE and Biomass Plants?

The commitment to Sustainable Development Goals of Yokogawa has resulted in the creation of a suite of solutions focussing at the following areas of plant performance improvement:

  • N0x, CO and Boiler Corrosion reduction
  • Increased waste processing capacity, steam & energy production and boiler efficiency


Recently conducted projects have demonstrated repeatable improvements in annual plant profitability using such solutions ranging from between €150k and €1M.

Together with Omniprocess we organise a webinar in which Renewable specialist David Richardson explain how you can maximise the profitability of WtE and Biomass plants. Interesting? Do subscribe for the inspiring webinar ‘Improve your WtE and Biomass plant profitability’ with various practical cases at 10:00 on Thursday the 27th of January 2022.

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