Yokogawa Solution Service and Hitachi Jointly Receive Order to Build Monitoring System for Metro Cebu

Tokyo, Japan - March 11, 2015

A joint venture between Yokogawa Solution Service and Hitachi has won an order to build a water supply monitoring system for the Metropolitan Cebu Water Services District (MCWD).

The MCWD serves Cebu City and 12 surrounding cities and municipalities in Cebu Province, which is located in the central Philippines. This is the country's second largest urban area. The construction of this water supply monitoring system is being carried out as part of a water supply improvement project that has received funding in the form of a grant from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This will involve the installation of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that will enable personnel in a central control room to continually monitor the status of water supply operations throughout the Metropolitan Cebu district, which has been experiencing significant economic and population growth in recent years and requires improvements in its water supply system to keep up with demand. In this joint undertaking, Hitachi will function as the liaison with MCWD and oversee the implementation of this project, and Yokogawa Solution Service will be responsible for engineering the SCADA system, setting up a water leakage management system, and installing flowmeters and other types of field instruments at a total of 143 locations throughout the water supply district. This project is slated for completion in March of 2016.

Through the activities of Yokogawa Solution Service and other Group companies, Yokogawa will continue to capitalize on its rich experience and knowhow in the Japan water and wastewater markets to expand its control business in developing markets such as the Philippines.

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    Water resources are finite, and therefore contributing to a sustainable water cycle is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yokogawa has been providing advanced digital control solutions for the stable supply of clean and safe water, wastewater treatment for protecting the water environment, water loss management and optimization of plant operation for reducing CO2 emissions and running costs. With our leading-edge technologies, dependable products and extensive expertise and experience of diverse water projects around the world, we work with you to provide sustainable water solutions that boost your business and add value throughout the plant lifecycle.

    Yokogawa supports a wide range of water control applications in both the municipal and industrial water markets.



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