Yokogawa Participates in Water Supply Control and Non-revenue Water Management Technology Training and Capacity Building Project

Tokyo, Japan - July 20, 2017

On July 4, a joint venture (JV) between Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation and TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. began work on a grassroots project for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) that will involve the introduction of SCADA systems*1 to improve the control of water supply and enhance non-revenue water*2 (NRW) management.

This project was initially proposed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Waterworks. It targets the reduction of water supply infrastructure-related NRW on Labuan Island, which is located off the coast of the state of Sabah in east Malaysia. It will be jointly conducted by TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. (a company that works as a partner with the Bureau), JICA, and the Malaysian government's Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, and will be financed by Japan's Overseas Development Assistance program.

For the project, Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation will build a SCADA-based system. Data from site surveys jointly conducted with TSS will be collected using this system and analyzed for the development and proposal of solutions on ways to reduce NRW. The company will also provide training to the personnel who will operate the system.

TSS will also dispatch specialists to Labuan to provide technical training on the use of the SCADA system to manage water supply and reduce NRW, and will invite water supply department engineers and technicians to Tokyo to receive training on topics such as TSS's NRW reduction measures, water supply technology, construction management, and quality management.

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation and the other members of the Yokogawa Group are striving to improve water supply in emerging nations such as Malaysia, leveraging its rich experience and expertise in water and wastewater services.

*1 Supervisory control and data acquisition system: a type of industrial control system that monitors and controls a process

*2 Non-revenue water (NRW): water that is lost before it reaches customers. Such losses can be real or apparent, e.g. from leaks in the pipe system or theft.

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