ROTAMASS Total Insight

In the last decade, the use of Coriolis flowmeters has been changing from general purpose to supporting your needs in specific applications.
While the technological complexity increased, the demand for simple operation and handling is also a rising requirement.
Yokogawa answers these needs by offering six dedicated product lines with two specialized transmitters allowing the highest flexibility - the ROTAMASS Total Insight.

Total Insight
The ROTAMASS philosophy gives Total Insight throughout the whole lifecycle.
To facilitate optimal processes and increase the efficiency of personnel, Yokogawa has placed a strong focus on simplifying fundamental operating concepts with Total Insight. The Total Insight concept is built in to the latest generation of Rotamass transmitters and provide enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, or multiple configuration sets for fast changeover in batch production are supported.

ROTAMASS Total Insight


Product and application lifecycle


ROTAMASS Total Insight Family

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When every drop counts
The world's smallest dual bent tube Coriolis flowmeter series for highly accurate measurement at lowest flows.
The dual tube design compensates for fluctuations of density, temperature, pressure and environment conditions. This provides a consistent repeatable and accurate measurement especially for small size Coriolis flowmeters.

  • Typical Applications
    • Batching
    • Dosing
    • Blending
    • Chemical injection
    • Dosing systems
    • High pressure gases
    • Liquid and gas low flow measurement
    • Precision coatings
    • Metering pump control
    • Metrology
    • R&D laboratory
    • Vacuum thin film coating

Versatile in applications
The versatile Coriolis flowmeter with superior turndown and lowest pressure drop in the market. Ideal for a broad range of standard applications, this series is a flexible and cost effective solution for highly accurate flow and density measurements.
Features such as concentration measurement or the Tube Health Check function allow the meter to be adjusted to customer needs.

  • Typical Applications
    • Batching
    • Blending
    • Chemical recovery
    • Continuous reaction
    • In-line concentration and density measurement
    • Catalyst feed
    • Filling and dosing
    • Mass balance
    • Net oil computing
    • Palm oil
    • Process control
ROTAMASS superme

Experience meets innovation
The Coriolis flowmeter with superior performance under demanding conditions.
The successful Rotamass series has been progressively developed and is also newly equipped with the latest technology. This meter delivers unsurpassed performance for demanding and critical applications with superior aeration handling and advanced diagnostic functionality.

  • Typical Applications
    • Batching
    • Burner control
    • Feed and product control
    • Filling and dosing
    • Gas void fraction
    • In-line concentration and density
    • Loss control
    • Material and mass balance
    • Net oil computing
    • Process control
    • Solvents
    • Water cut

Safe under high pressure
The Coriolis meter with the most robust and durable design for precise measurement in high pressure applications.
Safety is always a concern and especially when operating at high pressures. Therefore, this series has been designed to meet the highest safety requirements. Combined with advanced diagnosis such as the “Total Health Check” function, operation is always under secure control.

  • Typical Applications
    • Chemical injection
    • Compressed gases
    • Fuels
    • Glycol TEG/MEG
    • High pressure gases
    • Hydraulic oil
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Liquified gases
    • Natural gas hydration
    • Offshore and onshore
    • Oil refinery processes
    • Solvents
ROTAMASS intense
ROTAMASS hygienic

With pure dedication
Specifically designed and certified for food & beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical utility applications. (EHEDG certified, 3-A certified)
This series is the appropriate answer to the daily constraints of hygienic processes ensuring continuous product quality and minimizing losses. This is made easy by the provided multi-variable measurement and various dedicated features.

  • Typical Applications
    • Bioreactor feeds
    • Bottling
    • Carbonation of beverages
    • Deionized water
    • Fermentation
    • Juice processing
    • Molasses measurement
    • Online sugar concentration
    • Raw milk tanker unloading
    • Process water reclamation
    • Product quality control
    • Sugar industry

Big in performance
Delivering best in class accuracy and most flexible installation at high flow rates.
The unmatched accuracy at the low end of the measuring range offers maximum flexibility from engineering to final operation. This series unifies a long service life with low maintenance costs and reliable performance.

  • Typical Applications
    • Bitumen
    • Distribution networks
    • Drilling mud
    • LNG
    • Rail car loading
    • Ship loading
    • Truck loading
    • Tar
    • Offshore and onshore
    • Oil well cementing and hydrofracturing

Essential and Ultimate Transmitters

Future Ready. The ROTAMASS TI product family has a common and unified transmitter platform with two options that provide the highest flexibility and a tailor-made solution. The Essential transmitter is the cost effective solution for general purpose applications, and the Ultimate transmitter provides various additional features for best-in-class measurement.

Essential Transmitter

Essential Transmitter

  • Multilingual wizard for easy setup and guidance through the main configuration
  • “Event Management” as unique and useful support to run the process effectively and safely
  • Data mobility provided by microSD card for easy transfer to other devices for fast setup or to pc for in-depth process analysis or remote service
  • Widest range of I/O combinations in the market for most flexible adjustment to the existing system periphery
  • Universal power supply to install the device anywhere in the world
  • Hart, Modbus communiction
  • NAMUR NE95 compliance, SIL 2 and SIL 3 compliance



Ultimate Transmitter

  • Patented “Tube Integrity” function and “Total Health Check” for inline meter verification without disturbing running measurements
  • “Features on demand” for easy expansion of special functions via software activation key
  • Batching function and Viscosity function
  • “Dynamic Pressure Compensation” for consistently accurate and stable measurement even with significant fluctuations in operating pressures
  • Inline concentration measurement
  • Integrated net oil computing acc. API standard
  • Hart, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA communication
Ultimate Transmitter



ROTAMASS TI Specification 

Product Line ROTAMASS
Liquid process fluids
Liquids in general
Aggressive liquids - -
High viscous fluids
Gaseous process fluids
Gases in general
Low density gases
Mixed process fluids
Unmixable or mixable liquids
Liquids with entrained gas
Process conditions
Process temperature -50 to +260 °C
-58 to +500 °F
-70 to +200 °C
-94 to +392 °F
-70 to +140 °C
-94 to +284 °F
-196 to +350 °C
-321 to +662 °F
-70 to +150 °C
-94 to +302 °F
-70 to +350 °C
-94 to +662 °F
Process pressure up to 285 bar or
460 bar *1
4183 psi or
6672 psi *1
100 bar
1450 psi
40 bar
580 psi
100 bar or
250 bar *1
1450 psi or
3626 psi *1
260 bar or
360 bar *1
3771 psi or
5221 psi *1
100 bar or
180 bar *1
1450 psi or
2610 psi *1
Line sizes DN15 to DN40
1/4 in. to 1 1/2 in.
DN15 to DN125
3/8 in. to 5 in.
DN25 to DN80
1 in. to 3 in.
DN15 to DN125
3/8 in. to 5 in.

3/8 in. to 2 in.
DN100 to DN200
4 in. to 8 in.
Mass flow for liquids up to ± 0.1 % ± 0.1 % ± 0.1 % ± 0.1 % ± 0.1 % ± 0.1 %
Mass flow for gas up to ± 0.35 % ± 0.35 % ± 0.35 % ± 0.35 % ± 0.35 % ± 0.35 %
Density for liquids up to ± 0.5 g/l ± 0.5 g/l ± 0.5 g/l ± 0.5 g/l ± 0.5 g/l ± 1.0 g/l
Turndown flat accuracy -
Materials and process connections
Material of wetted parts Alloy C-22/2.4602 & 316L/1.4404 316L/1.4404 316L/1.4404 316L/1.4404 or alloy C-22/2.4602 or 304/1.4301 *1 316L/1.4404 or alloy C-22/2.4602 or 304/1.4301*1 316L/1.4404 or alloy C-22/2.4602
Flange process connections EN, ASME, JPI, JIS EN, ASME, JPI, JIS EN, ASME, JPI, JIS ASME EN, ASME, JIS
Threaded process connections G, NPT G, NPT DIN11851, SMS1145 G, NPT G, NPT
Clamp process connections DIN32676 DIN32676, JIS/ISO2852 DIN32676, JIS/ISO2852
Sensor design
Insulation and heat tracing options - - -
Rupture disk *1 - -
Customer & NAMUR face-to-face length - -
Approvals / Certificates
3-A or EHEDG application - - - -
Marine application
Functional Safety SIL 2 (SIL3)
Hazardous area approvals IECEx, ATEX, FM (USA/Canada), NEPSI, INMETRO, PESO, EAC Ex, Taiwan Safety Label, Korea Ex, Japan Ex, ECAS Ex, Ukraine Ex
●: supported    ○: supported under certain conditions    -: not supported    *1: available on demand


ROTAMASS TI with Essential or Ultimate Transmitter

ROTAMASS TI with Essential or Ultimate Transmitter


The ROTAMASS TI product family has a common and unified transmitter platform consisting of Essential and Ultimate transmitter. Both options are offering:

  • Multi-lingual wizard for easy setup
  • Event Management according NAMUR NE107
  • MicroSD card for easy data transfer and spare management
  • Wide range of I/O combinations
  • Universal power supply
  • Tube Health Check for in-line meter verification
  • HART or Modbus communication
  • Ultra low copper aluminium or stainless steel transmitter housing
  • NAMUR NE95 compliant

Beyond that the Ultimate transmitter provides:

  • In-line concentration measurement
  • Net Oil Computing acc. API
  • Dynamic Pressure Compensation
  • Batching function
  • Viscosity function
  • Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus communication
  • Features on Demand for function upgrade




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