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Calibration service

Rota Yokogawa calibration service

         …the flow experts

As an industrial supplier for various metrological solutions we are focused on the fulfillment of the high standards of our customers. We demand the same high standards from our calibration service.

A strong partner
Especially branches in which the requirements for plant operators are getting higher and the numbers of audits according to various standards increase constantly, require a professional service partner on whom they can completely rely.

Flexibility with safety
Our company focuses on high accuracy and precision, as well as reliability and flexibility.
Your measuring instruments are tested and calibrated according to your wishes on one of the most precise flow calibration stands worldwide, regardless if it is an in-house product or those from other manufacturers.

Professional services
With over 25 years of experience in calibration services we offer customer oriented services that will fully satisfy your needs – and there will be nothing left to be desired:

Shortest delivery times: Flow calibration as a norm in max. 8 working days
48-hour express calibration on demand
Excellent certification: Calibration stand DAkkS certified acc. to DIN/ISO 17025
Precision to measure: Different precision levels (0.5 % to 0.05 %)
Large measuring range Water calibrations up to 900 m3/h and Process terminals up to 200mm
Competence and expertise: Consultation in all calibration matters
Supply of stationary and mobile factory and working standards

Interested? Give us a call (07761/567-190) or send an email