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Careers at Rota Yokogawa

  Not just a job, but a career!

We support you personal development – take us at our word! We offer you a tailor-made programme to drive forward your career. At Yokogawa the focus is on you!



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Personnel philosophy

  Our staff are our most valuable asset. We demand a lot from you but we also support you in diverse ways. With our Code of Conduct and the Code of Confidentiality we ensure that the generally accepted rules of behaviour are implemented knowingly.
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  Our job database offers you an overview of our current job vacancies. The database is updated on an ongoing basis. We therefore invite you to call up the latest job vacancies at regular intervals.
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  There are various ways of making contact with us.
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  Speculative applications

  In case you have not found any vacancy on our list but are interested in joining us anyway, please complete our form for applicants. We will contact you directly as soon as a vacancy occurs.
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  Rota Yokogawa has been investing in in-house training for years. Our aim is to train our staff as best as possible to safeguard a high quality level.
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