Dividends and Shareholder Returns

Yokogawa's Dividend Policy

The distribution of earnings to shareholders is a top management priority for the Company. By achieving growth in earnings, we aim to steadily increase our dividend payments. While giving overall consideration to our business results, the need to secure investment funds for maximizing mid- to long-term shareholder value, and maintain the financial base supporting growth investment, we will strive to secure a consolidated dividend payout ratio in excess of 30%. Furthermore, we will maintain a stable dividend based on the shareholders' equity ratio, even when business results deteriorate due to temporary factors.

Dividend Trend

Fiscal year Dividend per share
FY2022 34.00
FY2021 34.00
FY2020 34.00
FY2019 34.00
FY2018 32.00
FY2017 30.00
FY2016 25.00
FY2015 25.00*2
FY2014 12.00
FY2013 12.00
FY2012 10.00
FY2011 5.00
FY2010 0.00
FY2009 2.00
FY2008 16.00
FY2007 16.00
FY2006 15.00
FY2005 15.00*1
FY2004 7.50
FY2003 7.50
FY2002 7.50

*1 Includes an additional 5 yen to commemorate the Company's 90th anniversary
*2 Includes an additional 5 yen to commemorate the Company's 100th anniversary

Shareholder benefit

There is no shareholder benefit system.