Health & Safety Management

Yokogawa Corporation of America has an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in place to ensure a safe working environment for all Yokogawa employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and visitors. We maintain a host of standard operating procedures to provide guidance to our employees that are based on best industry practices and governmental compliance. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is certified to the OHSAS 18001 Standard.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of Yokogawa to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees that is free of hazards and in compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Employees have a responsibility to themselves, their families, fellow employees, and to the company to work within the standards of safety which have been established by Yokogawa. This responsibility is met by continuously promoting safe work practices and maintaining our property and equipment in safe operating condition.

Personal injury and loss of property is preventable.

In recognition that employee safety and health is of paramount importance, management will champion the following initiatives to create, maintain, and promote a safe and healthy work environment:

  • Observe statutory laws and regulatory requirements related to health and safety
  • Establish and promote a proactive health and safety management system
  • Seek to eliminate or minimize hazards by conducting risk assessments
  • Promote open health and safety communications with employees, customers, shareholders, members of the local community, and contractors to maintain the integrity of our health and safety system
  • Provide necessary education and training
  • Provide resources to perform scheduled audits aimed at continual health and safety improvements

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

OH&S Management Manual

Occupational Health & Safety Policy