Quality Management

Quality Management Principles

Yokogawa Corporation of America and all other Yokogawa Group companies have adopted Quality Management principles that are based on the International Standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001. Yokogawa Corporation of America has maintained ISO 9001 Certification since 1996. We are committed to continually improving our performance over the long term, focusing on our customers, and addressing the needs of all stakeholders and the following Quality Management Principles:

Principle 1 - Customer Focused Organization
Our business exists to serve our customers. We must understand their current and future needs. At a minimum we must meet their current requirements, and strive to exceed their expectations, in order to help them prosper.

Principle 2 - Leadership
Leaders establish the unity of purpose and direction of an organization. They create and maintain the internal environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organization's objectives.

Principle 3 - Involvement of People
People at all levels are the essence of our organization. Their full involvement is essential for our organization to prosper.

Principle 4 - Process Approach
We achieve desired results more efficiently when we manage related resources and activities as a process.

Principle 5 - System Approach to Management
Identifying, understanding, and managing the system of interrelated processes for a given objective improves our organization's effectiveness and efficiency.

Principle 6 - Continual Improvement
Continual improvement is a permanent objective of our organization.

Principle 7 - Factual Approach to Decision Making
Our decisions and actions are based on the analysis of data and information.

Principle 8 - Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships
Our organization and our suppliers are interdependent; a mutually beneficial relationship enhances our ability to create value!

Quality Policy

The management team and employees of Yokogawa, together with our valued partners, pledge their commitment to working together as a team to deliver customer satisfaction first and providing our customers quality products and services, on time, every time, everywhere. Each employee is responsible for providing satisfaction to our customers at every opportunity, demonstrating a personal commitment to professionalism and delivering consistently high levels of quality through understanding and commitment to quality systems, providing the products and services that consistently meet the expectations and needs of the customer, embracing a commitment to continual improvement, and complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements, and recognized standards.

Yokogawa Quality Policy

Quality Management Manuals

Quality Management Manual

Quality Management Manual - Annex A (ATEX/IEC Ex)

Quality Management Manual - Annex B (ISO 17025)

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