Cannot download to YFGW410. Receive error "command rejected, retry the command after other process has completed".

This error message is generated when you try to download a configuration to the YFGW410 when the  OTA (over-the-air) provisioning mode is enabled.   To allow a download to proceed, you must disable the OTA provisioning mode.

Here is the error that you will see in the configurator when download is attempted with OTA provisioning active.


Here is the screen in the monitor webserver (found under tools menu), where you enable/disable the OTA provisioning.   Click into the box labeled "Enable Provisioning Network" to change status.








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YFGW410 Field Wireless Management Station

YFGW410 Field Wireless Management Station is based on wireless communications standard ISA100.11a for industrial automation of International Society of Automation (ISA). This product has system manager/security manager/gateway function based on ISA100.11a, and combining this with Field Wireless Access Point(YFGW510) and/or Field Wireless Media Converter(YFGW610) composes the field wireless system.

Field Wireless

The flexibility of wireless solutions enables less investment in infrastructure while providing greater insights into plant operations.

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Yokogawa supports a wide variety of Fieldbus technologies, including conventional 4-20mA, wired digital networks, and wireless ISA100.11a.