ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meters

The new ADMAG Total Insight (TI) AXG®  is an electromagnetic flow meter featuring enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover through micro SD card. The ADMAG TI AXG® comes standard with built-in verification, reducing total cost of ownership.

Some of the highlights of the ADMAG TI AXG® include:

  • Diameter: 0.1” to 20” (2.5mm to 500mm) with PFA liner
  • Liner materials: Ceramic, PFA
  • High Accuracy: up to ±0.15% of flow rate
  • Ideal for aggressive industries:
    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Metal & Mining
  • Submersible version available 0.5” to 20” (15 to 500mm)
  • Hygienic version available 0.5” to 5” (15 to 125mm)

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ADMAG AXG Functions

Simplified Selection

Selection Tool
In just a few clicks, find the best unit for your process based on required functionality and specifications. (Releasing soon.)

Expert Guide

Wizard Function
Basic parameters that are commonly set, such as flow rate span, totalizer/pulse output, and display, are grouped together under the Easy Setup Wizard. This reduces the time taken for device startup.

Multiple Languages
Select from nine different language options: English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Chinese/Japanese.

Cable Connection Check Function
For multiple remote type units that are wired and installed at the same time, often a wiring error occurs. Yokogawa has developed a method for detecting a wiring error based on changes in the signal waveforms when excitation is on and off 

Process Guard

Data Logging Function
Log up to four different process variables (electrode A, electrode B, adhesion level, flow noise, velocity, volume flow, mass flow, calorie) and save onto the micro SD card. A quick troubleshooting analysis can be conducted by looking at the trend curve and alarms, and data can be downloaded and saved to analyze offline.

NAMUR Function
A total of 28 system and process alarms can be individually classified according to NAMUR NE 107. The user can adapt the action of each alarm individually to meet process requirements and prevent unnecessary alarms from distracting plant operators.

Maintenance Manager

Built-in Verification
Three levels of verification functions are available, including a built-in verification function for ADMAG TI converters that checks the magnetic circuit, excitation circuit, computing circuit, alarm history, and cable connection.

Additional functions include standard and enhanced verification that can generate the report based on the displayed results of the equipment and perform additional checks using peripheral devices. The built-in verification and standard verification are within ±5% of factory accuracy, and the enhanced verification is within ±2% of factory accuracy, guaranteeing the health of the equipment.

Application Diagnostic
The application diagnostic can be divided into two categories:

  • An alarm state that detects abnormal conditions that persist in a process
  • A warning state that calls for attention when signs of abnormality appear in the process

Application diagnostic can detect various process conditions of your site by actively utilizing flow noise. These include: gas bubble contain detection, electrodes corrosion detection, low conductivity detection, and slurry noise detection.

Data Mobility

Data Transfer Using microSD Card
A unique feature of the microSD allows users to back up parameter setting, trend data storage, record various data measurements for offline analysis, duplicate multiple units, and save all device data and configuration data to a PC.

Advanced Flexibility

Backward Compatibility
The new AXG4A converter can be combined with old flow sensors. The existing special signal cable and excitation cable can be utilized in addition to some of the transmitter specifications.

Worldwide Approvals
The ADMAG TI series offers explosion proof, SIL, EMC, NAMUR and multiple communication protocols to meet the needs of all markets and applications.

Various I/O Combinations
The ADMAG TI series offers multiple combinations of I/O (includes current input) and communication types. This gives the flexibility to utilize the process information for better control in your application.

Some examples are 2 analog points (2 output or 1 output and 1 input) or 2 digital points (2 pulse output, or 1 pulse input and 1 input/output).

Specification of ADMAG AXG Transmitter

microSD data storage Yes
Build-In Verification Yes Yes
Application Diagnostic Yes
Low conductivity,
Bubble, Slurry etc
Current, Pulse,
Status Output
(max. channel)
Current 2ch
Pulse/Status 2ch
Current 1ch
Pulse/Status 3ch
Status input 1ch
Current input
(For calc. mass flow,Calorie)
Intrinsically safe output 1ch (Alternative)
To be released

* Please refer to General Specifications in detail.

Specification of ADMAG AXG Flow Sensor

  AXG Flow sensor AXW Flow sensor
Diameter 2.5 to 500mm 25 to 1800mm
Liner variation Ceramic, PFA  PTFE,Polyurethane rubber,
Hard rubber, Soft rubber
Accuracy ± 0.3% of rate ± 0.35% of rate
High accuracy ± 0.15% of rate
25 to 200mm

* Please refer to General Specifications in detail.

Definition of ADMAG AXG Flow Sensors


Definition of ADMAG AXG Flow Sensors

Instruction Manuals
General Specifications

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