Performance evaluation testing in noisy environments

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Isolate individual input channels for secure data acquisition

DATA collection in product evaluation, such as for motors and inverters, may not be accurately measured due to the influence of noise received from the measuring object.
To ensure accurate DATA collection during evaluation and testing in such noise-prone environments, the Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X can safely be used in noisy environments with individual insulation between input channels.

Manufacturing factory
Manufacturing factory

Customer benefit

Safely and reliably conduct product evaluation tests (data acquisition) even from motors and other sources of noise.



  • Customers want to precisely measure voltage and temperature for performance evaluation testing of servo motors.
  • A large amount of noise comes from servo motors.
  • Customers want to automatically export measured data to Excel (general-purpose software).


  • Thanks to isolation between input channels, you can safely use the VZ20X to measure even in noisy environments.
  • Data Logging Software GA10 can easily acquire and monitor data, and output the acquired data to a CSV file.


  • The VZ20X is highly noise-resistant because all eight channels are independent A/D.
  • GA10 can easily connect to the VZ20X for data acquisition.
  • Measured data is also easy to export.

Performance evaluation testing in noisy environments


Product recommendation

  • Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X
    A sample program for system construction is introduced.
    *As of April 2022, the Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X is sold in Asia Pacific and the Middle East areas.
  • Data Logging Software GA10
    60-day free trial is available.

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