Future Scenario 2035: A Journey Through Time

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Navigating the Highly Uncertain Future and
Co-innovating Tomorrow

Yokogawa started the future co-creation initiative with the objective of realizing Yokogawa’s Purpose, understanding our ever changing world and developing the next generation of leaders who will be responsible for creating new value, solving core social issues, and building a co-creative external network.

Directly reporting to Yokogawa’s leadership, a highly diverse team of 26 employees from their mid-twenties to early forties, selected across our divisions, was formed to draft and create future scenarios with an open-minded and co-creative approach while obtaining feedback from many of our customers and partners.

Driven by highly uncertain outcomes, related mega trends and industry reorientation, scenarios were developed in cooperation with Waseda University’s Institute of Governance & Sustainability, and Frost & Sullivan. These scenarios paint the world and society as seen through them in order to create a map that will enable understanding not only of our business environment, but also of the future of the entire industrial ecosystem in 2035. By establishing collaborative relationships and expressing Yokogawa’s future oriented views, this exercise sets the starting point for proactive and productive business discussion with our customers and partners.

For the co-creation of the future, Yokogawa aims to build a collaborative platform and learning community in which executives from diverse companies and industries will participate in an open-dialogue. In a business environment unlike anything we’ve seen before, these scenarios create the foundation for co-innovation and collaboration between players working on social issues. Through autonomy and symbiosis, Yokogawa will create sustainable value and lead the way in solving global issues.

For further information, download the white paper at the top of the page.

The World in 2035: Four Scenarios

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