Yokogawa Begins Shipment of UTAdvanced Controllers with DeviceNet Industrial Communication Protocol Option

Tokyo, Japan - October 29, 2010

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it has begun shipping UTAdvanced® controllers with a DeviceNet industrial communication protocol* option. The availability of this option, combined with support of the PROFIBUS-DP and CC-Link industrial communication protocols*, gives our customers a greater range of choices in configuring their systems.

UTAdvanced Controller Series
UTAdvanced Controller Series

The new DeviceNet protocol option is available for the UT55A and UT35A digital indicating controllers and the UP55A and UP35A program controllers. Previously, these controllers and DeviceNet-compatible PLCs required a converter to connect with each other using the DeviceNet protocol. The inclusion of the DeviceNet protocol option for these models eliminates the need for this converter, reduces wiring costs, and facilitates more efficient system configuration.

The availability of this option presents Yokogawa new opportunities for the global expansion in sales of UTAdvanced controllers to companies that produce a wide range of products including furnaces, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, air conditioners, and foods.

Main Target Markets

Production line operations in industries such as electrical equipment, machinery, chemicals, foods, semiconductors, and automobiles; companies that design, build, and maintain air conditioning, power, and other types of in-plant facilities


Measurement, display, and control of temperature, pressure, and flow rate in research and development facilities and manufacturing operations (heat treatment, washing, sterilizing, etc.)

About the UTAdvanced series

UTAdvanced digital indicating controllers come standard with a sequence control function based on the ladder logic programming language, which is widely used by engineers. This product series improves design efficiency and reduces costs by eliminating the need for relays and other types of peripheral devices, and has enjoyed great success in the market. These controllers can be used to build systems that rely on industrial communication protocols such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, and CC-Link.

* Standard communication protocols widely used with field devices (DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, and CC-Link are registered trademarks of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association Inc., the PROFIBUS User Organization, and the CC-Link Partner Association, respectively.)

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