Yokogawa Wins Control System Orders for Large Thermal Power and Desalination Plants in Qatar

Tokyo, Japan - January 15, 2016

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that two of its subsidiaries, Yokogawa Electric Korea and Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation, have received orders to provide control systems for thermal power and desalination plants that are to be constructed for Umm Al Houl Power, a Qatari company whose main businesses are power generation and water desalination.

The control system orders received by Yokogawa Electric Korea are for a thermal power plant and a reverse osmosis desalination plant, and they were placed by Samsung C&T and Acciona Agua, respectively. The control system order received by Yokogawa Solution Service is for a multi-stage flashing system desalination plant, and it was placed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation.

These plants are being built for Umm Al Houl Power at a location 20 km south of Doha, the capital of Qatar, and the power and water produced there will be provided to the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) for a period of 25 years. The power plant will utilize a combined cycle power generation system*1. One of the desalination plants will utilize a reverse osmosis process*2, and the other will rely on a multi-stage flash distillation process*3. The capacity of the power plant will be 2.4 GW and the combined daily capacity of the two desalination plants will be 590,000 m3. These plants are scheduled to commence providing electricity and water in 2017.

For this project, Yokogawa will deliver the CENTUMR VP integrated production control system and the ProSafe®-RS safety instrumentation system. In addition to being responsible for engineering, the company will provide support for the installation and commissioning of these systems. The CENTUM VP system will be able to monitor and control operations at all three plants.

Yokogawa's subsidiaries were able to win these orders because the following points were highly evaluated by the end user and the companies that are building these plants:

  • The engineering capability that Yokogawa demonstrated in the Ras Abu Fontas A2 desalination plant project for QEWC
  • Our solid global track record in executing large combined-cycle power plant projects

Qatar has the world's third-largest reserves of natural gas, and demand for electricity and water is soaring in line with the country's rapid economic growth. The power and desalination plants that are being built for Umm Al Houl Power will make up an important part of Qatar's infrastructure. Backed by these orders, Yokogawa will continue working to expand its control business in the power and water infrastructure market.

Outline of the Project

End user Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa)
Operator Umm Al Houl Power
- A consortium made up of K1 Energy (a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company), Qatar Electricity & Water Company(QEWC), Qatar Petroleum (QP), and the Qatar Foundation (QF)
Facility Combined-cycle power plant Desalination plants with reverse osmosis membrane and multi-stage flashing systems
Output 2.4 GW 590,000 m³/day
Ordering company Samsung C&T Hitachi Zosen Corporation/Acciona Agua
Systems to be delivered CENTUM VP
Contractor Yokogawa Electric Korea Yokogawa Solution Service

*1 A power generation system that makes combined use of gas and steam turbines. This highly efficient system recovers the exhaust heat from a gas turbine and uses that to produce steam that drives a steam turbine, thereby generating additional electricity from the same heat source.

*2 A system that relies on the application of pressure to seawater. This forces the water, but not the salt, through a semipermeable membrane, thus desalinating the seawater.

*3 A desalination system that heats and evaporates seawater in vacuum distillation tanks and then condenses the steam to produce fresh water. This system is highly energy-efficient because it uses the heat from steam created in multiple vacuum distillation tanks.


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