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Hybrid Recorder


DR230 Expandable Model

The DR230 expandable model enables you to start with a small number of channels, and conveniently expand, up to 300 channels. The architecture of the DR230 allows you to increase the number of input and/or output modules as your application needs change.
The versatility of the DR230 recorder enables you to freely configure a recording/data acquisition environment that matches your particular application, while effectively reducing your initial investment.

The DR230 expandable model consists of a main unit, subunits, input/output and communications modules. Connecting the main unit to multiple subunits with dedicated cable of up to 500 m total length, you can easily configure a recording/data acquisition environment ranging from 10 to 300 channels. Another key feature is its ability to scan up to 300 channels every 500 ms. You can also install one subunit on the back of the main unit of the hybrid recorder.

Main unit (DR232)

The DR232 acquires data measured by the input modules installed on each subunit, records the data in real time and/or transfers it to a PC using a general-purpose communications interface, and also stores it in a memory device.
You can connect a communication module, GP-IB, RS-232C or RS-422/485, and also a DI/DO module to the main unit. An input module, on a subunit (DS600), can be installed on the back of the main unit.

Subunits (DS400, DS600)

A subunit acts as an interface for connecting input modules to the main unit of the DR230 expandable model. There are two types of subunits, the DS400 which permits connection of up to four input and output modules, and the DS600 which permits connection of up to six input and output modules.
Normally, when a subunit is connected, it will be at a separate location from the main unit.
When a subunit DS600 is mounted on the back of a main unit, a dedicated cable is required between them.