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2010 Press Releases-14

Tokyo, Japan-August 24, 2010

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Announces Release of AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer
- Guaranteed Stray Light Suppression Ratio Performance, an Industry First -



On August 25, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation will release the AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer. Featuring enhanced optical performance and signal processing capabilities, this new instrument will be used in research & development and manufacturing to measure the optical characteristics of optical communications equipment and components.

The AQ6370C achieves a 76-dB stray light suppression ratio and is guaranteed by Yokogawa to achieve this level of performance, an industry first. The AQ6370C also achieves a 73-dB dynamic range*1. The AQ6370C features a number of enhancements and succeeds our top performing and market leading AQ6370B. The AQ6370C has both standard and high performance versions. Its increased measurement accuracy and speed will help to increase measurement efficiency and reduce development and production costs.

Development Background

The rapid spread of high-speed optical networks has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of image data and other types of data that are being carried over these networks. Previously, 10-Gbit/s transmission speeds were only available with backbone inter-city networks, but these are now coming to metro networks and access networks linking telephone termination points and telephone exchanges. As a result, optical equipment and component manufacturers have increased the production of communications equipment and optical components that can handle 10-Gbit/s transmission speeds.

At the same time, as service and price competition among communication carriers intensifies, further cost cutting is required for optical communications equipment and components. Therefore, a superior optical spectrum analyzer that comes at a lower cost yet delivers higher productivity is needed by optical communications manufacturers. Furthermore, the full-scale development and production of new devices for next-generation networks is increasing demand for optical spectrum analyzers with more advanced processing capabilities.

Yokogawa's AQ6370C optical spectrum analyzer has been developed to meet such user requirements and is expected to capture a significant share of the market.

Product Features

  1. Guaranteed stray light suppression ratio performance, an industry first
    The AQ6370C is the first ever instrument in this industry to be guaranteed to achieve a 76-dB stray light suppression ratio. Even when used in normal mode (as opposed to high dynamic mode), this instrument achieves this high stray light suppression ratio, thereby reducing measurement time.
  2. Increased measurement accuracy
    The AQ6370C is equipped with a high performance monochromator that can resolve an optical signal with a best-in-class 0.02 nm wavelength resolution and 73-dB dynamic range. This improves the accuracy of optical spectrum measurements made with the AQ6370C by removing optical noise that originates near a measured signal.
  3. High-speed spectrum measurement
    High-speed 0.2 second measurements at a 100 nm wavelength span are effective in measuring spectra having multiple steep peaks such as those in DWDM*2 systems, as well as weak signals.

Main Target Markets

Development and product evaluation departments of communications carriers and optical communications equipment and component manufacturers


Optical characteristics testing and product evaluation for the development and manufacture of optical components such as optical transmitters/receivers and optical amplifiers

*1 Dynamic range: The ability to separate and measure the spectrum near the peak of the measured wavelength
*2 DWDM: Dense wavelength division multiplexing

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About Yokogawa

Yokogawa's global network of 25 manufacturing facilities and 80 companies spans 54 countries. Since its founding in 1915, the US$3 billion company has been engaged in cutting-edge research and innovation, securing more than 7,200 patents and registrations, including the world's first digital sensors for flow and pressure measurement. Industrial automation and control, test and measurement, information systems and industry support are the core businesses of Yokogawa. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit our web site at

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