Multi Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/AV550G

Zirconia Oxygen Probe/Sensor - ZR22

The industry leading ZR22 in-situ type Zirconia detector provides dependable and accurate oxygen measurement. Available in lengths from 15 cm to 5.4 meters, the ZR22 can be used in process temperatures up to 700ºC (up to 1871ºC with our close-coupled extractive adapter ZR22P), and pressurized ducts up to 2.5 bar with the pressure compensating option.

The ZR probe's in-situ measurement method does not require any process conditioning or extractive sampling. This reduces maintenance costs and allows faster measurement response to changes in the process. The new probe's modular design incorporates a rebuildable heater and thermocouple assembly, the industry standard field replacable Yokogawa Zirconia cell, and removable reference and calibration lines to create an oxygen measurement product designed for simple, quick and low-cost field maintenance.

  •     Rebuildable, field maintainable design
  •     Proven Zirconia sensor technology
  •     Can be used in pressurized ducts up to 2.5 bar, 700°C (up to 1871ºC with ZR22P adapter)
  •     Optional filters or flame arrestors
  •     Multiple flange size options
  •     Hazardous area probe available (ZR22S)

Multi Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer - AV550G

The O2mation, model AV550, averaging oxygen analyzer was designed with a focus on practical performance. Yokogawa has refined our expertise in the combustion oxygen business into this new and creative product. It is packed with features designed to minimize plant down time and technical support for the oxygen measurement. A multiple point oxygen measurement system may be required for situations when gas stratification in the flue duct affects combustion control. The AV550G averaging analyzer is ideal for combustion control in large utility boilers or various industrial furnaces.

  • Can accept inputs from up to eight ZR22 detectors
  • Sends both individual and averaged sensor outputs
  • Multipoint analyzer reduces installation and maintenance costs
  • Large 5.7-inch color LCD display shows various measurement, setup, calibration, and trend screens
  • Intuitive touchscreen is easy to read and simplifies setup and maintenance
  • Individual channel cards can be "hot swapped" 
  • 4-20 mA standard outputs with HART or Foundation Fieldbus



AV550GIn the spirit of the zirconia sensor "remaining life" diagnostic, Yokogawa introduces predictive calibration dates, cell asymmetry alarms and detector validation features. These new process diagnostic tools use historical process data to provide operators new ways to reduce measurement down time. The predictive calibration and detector validation features reduce the number of redundant calibrations. The sensor asymmetry alarm provides users a new look into the problem of fly ash plugging by monitoring the particular symptoms of the pressure-induced drift.

AV550GO2mation is a modular design. Channel cards can be changed without powering off the analyzer and the unit is easily expandable to accept up to 8 zirconia detectors. O2mation has the capability to output the average oxygen concentration from a user-selected group of zirconia detectors. Detectors that are in alarm, calibration, or that are not in service, are automatically removed from the average output. This feature is especially useful when plant maintenance schedules call for frequent calibrations.



O2mation has a wide variety of contact outputs, alarms, and analog output configurations that are designed for easy set up and integration into the boiler control system. Yokogawa has refined our years as combustion oxygen experts into this new product. It is the most robust, reliable and accurate zirconia oxygen measurement possible.

  • Full color touch screen operation
  • Multiple display modes shows average data, single detector or all detector gas concentrations
  • Handles input of up to 8 oxygen detectors
  • Redundant system using multiple CPUs
  • "Hot swap" of channel cards to minimize analyzer down time
  • Eight 4/20mA outputs for individual detectors
  • Three 4/20mA outputs for average oxygen concentration outputs
  • Failed, in calibration, or alarming, detectors are automatically excluded from average calculations
  • Automatic or manual type calibration methods
  • 24V or 120VAC auto-calibration power option
  • Allows contact input, calibration activation, range change and detector performance validation
  • Intuitive "common language" operation
  • Housing temperature alarm to notify user of over temperature conditions on the electronics
  • Trend graphing – allows trend view and stacked trend view of oxygen concentrations
  • Smart calibration – uses historical calibration data to estimate when the next calibration should occur
  • Asymmetry alarm – uses historical calibration data to determine possible measurement errors due to process condition changes
  • Remote Validation – permits control room activation of zero, span or midpoint gas concentrations without running an actual calibration.
  • Cal line purge function – allows the gas purge of calibration lines of condensation before the detector is heated up to prevent water damage to the zirconia cell.



In a hot blast stove, the by-product gas produced in a coke oven is burned to preheat the air blast for the blast furnace. To improve the combustion efficiency and conserve energy in a hot blast stove, it is essential to be able to control combustion by measuring and adjusting the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gases.

The part number you see on the channel card circuit board is not the part number for the channel card. It is the part number for the circuit board before any parts are installed.  There are 2 versions on the channel card.  If you look at ...
The AV550 automatically turns off the power to the channel card when it is removed. You have to either cycle power to the whole unit, or use the channel card power.  To get to the channel card power menu hit the Setup Key (wrench). See below:&n...


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