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Distributed Control Systems



Yokogawa realized the potential of field networks in a production control system early on and designed its systems with field networks in mind. CENTUM VP supports FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP and ISA100.11a wireless. The CENTUM VP integratedly controls and monitors these field devices from various vendors with various communication protocols.

Yokogawa's Fieldbus Related Products

Field Digital Products

Applying fieldbus in plant control system

Applying fieldbus in plant control system

The engineering for fieldbus function blocks can be performed in the same way as for other function blocks in FCS. The operation and monitoring environment is also the same for the fieldbus function blocks and other FCS function blocks. No additional requirements for engineering, operation and monitoring of the fieldbus applications in Yokogawa DCS.

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The most favorable merit for applying fieldbus is highly efficient maintenance of field devices. Yokogawa offers an asset management software package, Plant Resource Manager (PRM), for device management and diagnosis. With PRM, the advantage of fieldbus can be optimized so as to make the maintenance of the whole system more efficient.


Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

The maintenance information of devices are collected by PRM via fieldbuses and stored in the PRM database. The corresponding maintenance schedules, maintenance procedures and spare parts information are also stored accordingly in the same database. The maintenance of the field devices can be performed through fieldbus. Thus the maintenance engineers are considerably relieved from going to the fields of the devices in the remote areas and hazardous areas.

Audit Trail

Audit trail management is important in both control and maintenance systems. All maintenance works on devices, which are maintained by PRM, are recorded and stored, and can be easily retrieved too.

Predictive Maintenance

By integrated management of device management information, the replacement cycle of devices and trend of device troubles can be predicted. This technique minimizes the impact of device problems on plant operation, and maintenance work and parts procurement can also be planned and scheduled.

Solutions to Non-Fieldbus Devices

PRM can create a database for legacy devices in addition to Fieldbus devices. Maintenance information is recorded and managed in a database for integrated, overall planned maintenance of all devices in the plant.

DD and CF Download

The FOUNDATION™ fieldbus device files in this section are categorized according to whether the devices have undergone Host Interoperability Support Testing (HIST). HIST is an invaluable tool in determining whether a specific fieldbus device is interoperable with a host system.


  • About HIST at Yokogawa
    • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus laboratory is established in Yokogawa Singapore.
    • Yokogawa is running the HIST program according to the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications.
    • Yokogawa is continuing development of HIST in cooperation with other device manufacturers.
    • The list of field devices that have passed the HIST can be checked on the Interoperability page.

For the use of the modified Device Description files, click “I agree” button on the Terms of Use Agreement.

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