General Information

Key facts and figures including the year of Yokogawa's establishment, its consolidated net sales, and the number of companies and employees in the Yokogawa Group

Corporate Data

Company name Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
President Hitoshi Nara
Founded September 1, 1915
Incorporated December 1, 1920
Paid-in Capital 43.4 billion yen (As of March 31, 2022)
Consolidated net sales 389.9 billion yen (fiscal year 2021)
Number of subsidiaries and affiliates 121 (worldwide)
Number of employees 17,258 (worldwide)
Operating in 61 countries

Business Overview

By utilizing its measurement, control, and information technologies, Yokogawa is helping to solve social issues through the following businesses.

As Yokogawa's main business, the industrial automation and control business has contributed to the development of a wide range of industries with its distributed control systems for the monitoring and control of plant production facilities. Under the comprehensive OpreX brand, Yokogawa provides complete solutions that maximize customer value over the plant life cycle and from the plant to the management level, a range of software to improve productivity, production control systems, pressure transmitters, process analyzers, programmable controllers, industrial recorders, and so on. Helping customers keep pace with advances in digital technology and an ever-changing business environment, Yokogawa provides the support needed for them to carry out their digital transformation (DX) and make the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy (IA2IA).

To provide optimized solutions to our customers, Yokogawa is carrying out business in three industry segments: Energy & Sustainability, Materials, and Life.

Energy & Sustainability

The energy & sustainability business segment protects the environment by supporting the effective use of energy and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. Capitalizing on its expertise and strong customer relationships in the oil & gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, power, energy management, and energy storage fields, Yokogawa supports safe and optimal operations throughout the increasingly diversified energy supply chain, from production and supply through to use, disposal, and recycling.

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The materials business segment is helping to bring about a circular economy that offers comfort and convenience and is in harmony with the environment. For our customers in the functional chemicals, biomass materials, pulp & paper, textiles, steel, non-ferrous metals, mining, mobility, and electrical/electronics fields, we provide solutions that improve productivity, reduce environmental impact, and save energy.

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The life business segment provides solutions that support people's lives and protect health and safety. In addition to our activities in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare fields, we are engaged in businesses that ensure everyone has access to safe water and food. To improve productivity throughout the pharmaceutical and food value chains, we utilize the sensing and control technologies that Yokogawa has developed over the years to support innovations in product and production processes. In the water field, we aim to create new value by using the measurement technologies that have been acquired through our activities in such fields as genome analysis and scientific instrumentation.

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In addition to the industrial automation and control business, Yokogawa is developing the following two independent businesses.

Measuring Instruments Business

Yokogawa has been involved in the field of measuring instruments, the "mother tools" of industry, since its founding. Utilizing its high-precision technology to measure power, voltage, current, optical power, pressure, and other physical properties, the company provides comprehensive product and service solutions addressing a wide range of needs in the environment-related electrical power and optical communication fields.

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New Businesses and Other

Yokogawa is developing new businesses involving the provision of user-friendly industrial IoT hardware, software, and cloud solutions that will help to reduce the operating burden of service providers. Yokogawa is also engaged in the biomass materials business, including production, sales, licensing, and related consulting.

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