Double Cone Rotary Dryer


ISA 100 WirelessBlending plays a key role in industries such as food, healthcare and chemicals etc. Temperature and vacuum measurements are very important in minimizing the moisture content to ensure the quality of the final product. Strictly maintaining them throughout the process ensures the final product yield.

The user was using local gauges to check temperature and pressure of final product in dryer. There was no online monitoring system and therefor they used predefined time threshold for the dryer operation.



  • Improved productivity, continuous online measurement of temperature and pressure ensure the quality of product.
  • Enabled online measurement of rotating dryer (NO signal cables, NO power cables, NO cable damage)
  • Minimized human errors
  • Increased operational uptime with simple and flexible installation
  • Minimized maintenance cost, non-proprietary batteries standardized for the entire product range
  • Enabled easy integration with existing host system. Industry proven Modbus platform enables easy and seamless integration with a wide range of host systems.


The battery operated transmitters were mounted directly on the rotary dryer. The wireless gateway located some 50m away on a support. Even though the dryer was rotating, reliable communication was established between the transmitter and the gateway.

Double Cone Rotary Dryer

Eliminating the wire using ISA100 wireless transmitter was the perfect solution for rotating equipment. The ISA100 wireless system is ensuring accurate remote measurements throughout the entire process.

  • Reliable - Continuous signal availability
  • Accurate - Dependable sensors for measurement
  • Simple - Seamless integration with existing host system


Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practice AwardEliminating cables, complex connectors and slide rings on rotating equipment greatly simplified the whole installation and process. The ISA100 wireless transmitter and the gateway fulfilled this mission and had delivered real productive gains for the user. Ongoing maintenance effort and cost were also reduced by the wireless architecture.

Yokogawa has a proven track record of delivering reliable, scalable and open technologies for a century. ISA100 wireless solutions address the specific challenges of the industrial automation industry while lowering cost ownership for our end users and maximizing their return on the investment.


  • 制药




  • YFGW410现场无线管理站


  • YFGW510/YFGW520现场无线接入点


  • YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Point

    YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Poin has backbone router function based on ISA, and combining this with Field Wireless Management Station (YFGW410) and/or Field Wireless Media Converter (YFGW610) composes the field wireless system.

  • YTA510无线温度变送器

    高性能温度变送器YTA510接收热电偶、RTD、欧姆或DC mV输入信号。该变送器通过无线信号传输过程变量以及设定参数。该变送器采用内置电池,由于无需硬接线,因此可降低安装成本。通信规格以ISA100.11a协议为基础。

  • 现场无线



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