Enhanced Coriolis Features

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Coriolis (ROTAMASS 3) Major Features

  1. Wide flow range by multi flange structure
  2. Excellent zero stability at low flow rate
  3. High accuracy for density measurement

… with FieldMate (Added value)

  1. User friendly configuration tool
  2. Report generation for all parameters
  3. Maintenance information management
Coriolis (ROTAMASS 3) Major Features


Coriolis (ROTAMASS 3)

Needs in the Field

  • Flexible Installation
  • Measurement with noise reduction
  • Process Sustainability

Multivariable Coriolis (ROTAMASS 3) Solution

A)Multi Flange Concept
B)Dual tube & Box-in-Box structure
C)Visible LCD to show measurement value with self-diagnostic results

A)Multi Fange Concept

RCCT3 provides the various sizes of connections to adjust to your pipe size.


B)Dual tube & Box-in-Box structure

Dual tube & Box-in-Box structure contributes to the highly stable measurement with noise reduction. The robust structure reduces the effects of pipe vibration.

 デュアルチューブと Box-In-Box 構造

C)Visible LCD to show measurement value with self-diagnostic results

Local indicator shows the multi measurement values simultaneously on 4 lines. Moreover, it displays diagnostics such as slug flow, empty pipe, corrosion pipe, etc.



with FieldMate (Added Value)

To bring out the Field Device features fully, it is necessary to configure the field device parameters to the specific measured. FieldMate is the software to configure and adjust Field Devices.

  • User friendly interface to configure field device parameters on a large screen
  • Easy configuration for ROTAMASS concentration features (FieldMate special tool for ROTAMSS)
  • Usable data is linked with Configuration data, Maintenance data, Photo, Sound, Movies, Documents
  • One Click to share the configuration and maintenance data with FieldMate/PRM (Yokogawa Plant Asset Management system)

with FieldMate (Added Value)


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