In the trend (historical trend) screen that is displayed in the SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series web application screen, how far back can it go?

The web application maintains a buffer for holding historical trend data. The buffer can hold 3600 data points per channel.
Also, you can click the Get historical trend data icon and change the region of data that the buffer holds.
For details, see "Trends: Displaying Historical Data" in section 3.1.4, "Monitoring the GX/GP Data and Controlling the GX/GP from the Monitor Screen" in IM 04L51B01-01EN.


  • 触屏式GP10/GP20

    SMARTDAC + TM GP10 / GP20是一款无纸记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,基于Web的功能和可扩展的体系结构。

  • 触屏式GX10/GX20

    SMARTDAC+TM GX10/GX20 是一款多点触屏记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,支持Web功能,具有可扩展的体系结构。


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