For SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series, the reference screen (home screen) button that appears in the upper right of the screen when pressing the MENU key is unavailable, and I can’t press it. What should I do?

The reference screen button is unavailable in cases where screens that are supposed to be displayed don’t exist, such as when a display group registered in the reference screen is disabled.

Re-register the reference screen. For instructions, see section 2.2.9, “Registering and Showing the Standard Display" in the user’s manual.


  • 触屏式GP10/GP20

    SMARTDAC + TM GP10 / GP20是一款无纸记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,基于Web的功能和可扩展的体系结构。

  • 触屏式GX10/GX20

    SMARTDAC+TM GX10/GX20 是一款多点触屏记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,支持Web功能,具有可扩展的体系结构。


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