Deutsche Telekom selects Yokogawa measuring technology for development of FTTH Networks

Tokyo, Japan - March 1, 2011

Deutsche Telekom has selected Yokogawa's AQ1200 Micro-OTDR as a key test tool for its deployment of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks.

Deutsche Telekom has launched a fibre optic development pilot project in Dresden which will vastly improve access to the Internet. The outcome of this pilot project will be incorporated in the expansion of Deutsche Telekom's installation of FTTH.

AQ1200 OTDR series
AQ1200 OTDR series

The installers are faced with the challenge of extending or replacing the previous copper technology with optical transfer technology. An important method of inspection for this is the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). Each installation team must be equipped with an OTDR in order to measure and document the parameters of the optical fibres laid.

For the additional development of the FTTH network, Deutsche Telekom decided on the Yokogawa AQ1200 Micro-OTDR which, for the first time, enables measurements with a wavelength of 1650 nm to be taken with a compact test instrument.

The measuring wavelength of 1650 nm was one of Deutsche Telekom's requirements in order to take measurements during operation and in doing so not interrupt data transfer via shorter wavelengths. The 1650 nm wavelength is allocated exclusively for measurement purposes and carries no normal user traffic. This situation will continue in the future, so that Deutsche Telekom's investment is secured on a long-term basis.

In the development process, Yokogawa built on its experience with optical measuring technology and with a major Japanese communications carrier's network by bringing the 1650 nm technology in a Micro-OTDR AQ 1200 to series production - the only manufacturer at the time who could meet such requirements.

The portability of the Micro-OTDR, the luminosity and brilliance of the display, together with the intuitive controls, ensures that technicians not necessarily experienced in optical transfer technology can obtain results quickly and easily. Furthermore, Yokogawa was able to implement these requirements within a few months of being asked.

Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa's Test & Measurement Sales and Marketing Director for Europe & Africa comments: "We are very pleased that Deutsche Telekom selected Yokogawa to help support them in the development of FTTH. It's an endorsement that Yokogawa is playing a leading role in the deployment of FTTH throughout Europe."

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