Measurement of O2 Concentration in Hot Blast Stoves

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Hot Blast Stove Process
Hot Blast Stove Process

Measurement of O2 Concentration in Hot Blast Stoves Essential to Improving Combustion Efficiency

In a hot blast stove, the by-product gas produced in a coke oven is burned to preheat the air blast for the blast furnace. To improve the combustion efficiency and conserve energy in a hot blast stove, it is essential to be able to control combustion by measuring and adjusting the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gases.
The ZR22G/ZR802G Direct In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer is ideally suited for combustion control in hot blast stoves. It utilizes a long-life sensor.

Expected Benefits

  • Improves combustion efficiency in hot blast stoves
  • Ensures stable, continuous oxygen measurement
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Minimizes the need for equipment replacement

Process Overview

The temperature of the hot blast used in blast furnaces has been increasing every year and currently stands at around 1300°C. Under such circumstances efficient operation is achieved by such measures as increasing the calorie value of fuel gas, replacing the hot blast furnace more frequently, and recovering waste heat from gas. To further improve combustion efficiency and save energy, measurement of the oxygen concentration in exhaust gases is required.

Solution Details

Field Data

Process Conditions

Measurement: 20 to 350 ℃
Pressure point: Duct
Temperature: 3.5 to 10 kPa
Dust: 50 mg/Nm3
Fuel: Gas

Measurement System

Detector: ZR22G-015-S-Q-E-☐-☐-E-A /CV/Z
Z: Glove box option
Converter: ZR802G-☐-☐-N-N /☐
Flow setting unit: ZA8F-☐*C
Pressure regulator: G7013XF or G7014XF
Case for calibration gas cylinder: E7044KF

Note: the calibration gas cylinder must be purchased locally


Rated voltage: 100 to 240 V AC
Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 330 VA (Max. 800 VA)
Instrument air (reference gas) pressure: 300 to 700 kPa


  • The detector is installed in a glove box to reduce the sample gas pressure.
  • When more than three detectors are installed, it is recommended that the AV550G Averaging Converter be used instead of the ZR802G converter. The AV550G accepts signals from up to eight detectors.

Solution Details


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  • Zirconia Oxygen/Humidity Analyzer ZR22G, ZR802G

    This Oxygen concentration and humidity at high temperatures consists of a ZR22G detector equipped with a long-life and highly reliable zirconia sensor, and a converter ZR802G equipped with digital communication and data log functions.
    ZR22G and ZR802G can be measured directly and continuously without a sampling device. It is easy to maintain and reduce operating costs by self-diagnosis of sensor deterioration (without using calibration gas )and replacing the heater assembly on site.

  • ZR22/AV550G多通道氧濃度分析系統


  • 氧氣濃度計