Temperature Compensation of Flow

In district heating/cooling and other systems*, signals from flow meters can undergo temperature compensation in a totalizer to measure usage of warm water and other quantities. Here we give an example of how to perform temperature compensation of flow using the YS1700 Single Loop Controller in place of a dedicated totalizer.

*District Cooling/Heating Systems:
As opposed to conventional heating/cooling systems made up of individual boilers or air-conditioners in every building, the district system provides centralized air-conditioning and warm water for multiple buildings in a particular district. By creating a heat transfer medium such as cooled water, steam, or warm water in a heating facility and connecting multiple buildings with piping, heat demand can be centralized and met with efficient air-conditioning and warm water supplies. Such systems require accurate measurment and accounting of heat usage.

Distric cooling/heating facility

Distric cooling/heating facility

Function Block Diagram

Function Block Diagram

Using integration functions via the YS1700 Single Loop Controller's user programming offers the advantage of being able to combine integration and control functions that are carried out individually


JUXTA M Series Signal Conditioners

M Series signal conditioners are a plug-in type that can support a wide range of applications through a versatile I/O specifications. Plug-in type construction provides easy for instrumentation planning, field wiring and maintenance. Over 30 types of signal conditioners are lined up in M Series.






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