JUXTA W Series Signal Conditioners
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Compact size, versatile mounting, and microprocessor based high performance capabilities makes the W Series an excellent choice for almost every application. The specifications of W Series signal conditioners are as same as F Series signal conditioners except for power supply voltage, second output and case width.


  • Compact design for space saving. 72 mm (H) x 48 mm (W) x 127 mm (D).
  • Field configuration (WA5, WH2, WH5, WM1, WR5, WT5, WS1)
    A field configuration of the microprocessor based F Series are possible to set, change and monitor the range, zero/span, burnout, etc. from your PC (with VJ77 PC-based parameters setting tool).
  • Minimize the stock of spare units
    For example, model WT5 thermocouple input signal conditioners can be set their input type, input range, etc. by PC (with VJ77). One unit of WT5 can support 8 types of thermocouples.
  • Wired through the front-panel terminals, so the conditioner can be checked even if the lines are live.
  • Versatile I/O specifications meeting a wide range of applications.
  • Single and dual output models available
    Second output (1 to 5 V DC) is optionally available (except for WA0A, WC0A, WH0V).
Construction Front-terminal type
Mounting Method: DIN-rail mounting, rack mounting or wall mounting
Connection Method: M4 screw terminal
External Dimensions: 72×48×127 mm (H×W×D)
Power Requirements: 24 V DC±10% or 85 to 264 V AC


Signal Conditioners

Model Product Name Input Type Output Type Descriptions
WA1A/V Distributor 4 to 20 mA DC, from 2-wire type transmitter DC Voltage or DC Current  
WA5A/V Distributor (with Square Root Extractor) DC Voltage or DC Current Field configurable
WA0A Output Isolator 1 to 5 V DC DC Current 1500 V AC (1 min.) of withstand voltage for output signal.
WC0A Output Isolator 4 to 20 mA DC 4 to 20 mA or 10 to 50 mA DC
WH0V Output Isolator 1 to 5 V DC DC Voltage
WH1A/V Isolator DC Voltage or DC Current DC Voltage or DC Current Fixed range
WH2A/V Isolator (Free Range Type) Free range
Field configurable
WH5A/V Isolator (Square Root Extractor) 1 to 5 V DC Field configurable
WM1A/V Isolator (mV Input Free Range Type) DC mV Signal Field configurable
WR5A/V RTD Converter (Free Range Type) Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) DC Voltage or DC Current Field configurable
WT5A/V Thermocouple Converter (Free Range Type) Thermocouple DC Voltage or DC Current Field configurable
WS1A/V Potentiometer Converter (Free Range Type) Potentiometer resistance (3-wire type) DC Voltage or DC Current Field configurable
WP1P Pulse Repeater Contact Pulse, Voltage Pulse or Current Pulse Open collector Pulse rate fixed in 1:1


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