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Proven technology: The Rotameter® (variable area) principle

The Rotameter® (variable area flowmeter) is one of the oldest and mature principles in flow measurement. A float is guided inside a conically shaped tube. The float rises within the tube as the flow increases. This mechanical principle is as simple as it is reliable.

Due to its operating principle the Rotameters are installed in vertical pipes. Once the process medium flows through the tube, the gravimetric force balances with the flow resistive force in such a way that the position of the float indicates the flow rate value.

Economical: Modular and flexible

Rotameters™ are completely modular and flexible. The measuring tube can be made of glass, plastic or metal – depending on the application.

If the tube is made of metal, the float position is transferred to an external indicator via a magnetic coupling. In the case of glass and plastic tubes you can simply view the float position to get a reliable reading of the flow rate..

The mechanical nature of the measuring principle provides a flow device that does not require any electrical power supply. However, there are many applications in process plants that do require electronic indication and transmission of the measured flow rate to other associated devices. This capability has considerably expanded the range of applications for the variable area flowmeter.

- Robust and universal: The RAMC Rotameter ®– the original

- Small in size, big in performance: Rotameter ® RAKD

- Trust your own eyes: RA Rotameter ® range

- No limitation: Rotameter® customized solutions

- Know your flow: the new Rotameter RAGN

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