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Rota Yokogawa GmbH & Co. KG





Rota Yokogawa, Historical Overview

1909 Foundation of the Deutsche Rotawerke, with introduction of the rotating float flow measurement devices, known as “Rotameter”
1952 Development of the first metal Rotameter
1966 Publication of the Rotameter manual
1975 Rotameter with standardized overall lengths of 250 mm, large flows
1981 Metal Rotameter, small flows
1982 DKD certification of the calibration centre
1991 First collaboration with Yokogawa – Assembly of Yewflo Style D Vortex flow meters
1992 Assembly of Yewflo Style E
1992 Set up of the new calibration system
1993 Market launch of the ROTAMASS 1 series, including “Box-in-Box” design
1994 DKD certification of the new calibration centre
1995 Launch of the ROTAMASS 2 series, with explosion-protected converter and brain protocol
1998 Patenting of float blockage detection for RAMC Rotameter
1999 Assembly of ADMAG SE
2002 Development and market launch of HART® for RAMC Rotameter
2003 Launch of the ROTAMASS 3 series
2005 SIL2 certificate for RAMC Rotameter
2006 Development and market launch of the ADMAG RXF
2007 Profibus PA for RAMC Rotameter
2007 Market launch of the high capacity flowmeter ROTAMASS RCCS39/XR
2008 Rota Yokogawa sets new milestone regarding measurement accuracy when it comes to density measurement using ROTAMASS
2009 Inauguration of the new production hall
2011 Assembly begin of the pressure transmitters
2012 Market launch Rotamass LR
2015 Nomination to one of 100 locations in Baden-Wurttemberg of Industry 4.0
2016 Inauguration of the new calibration facility
2016 Market launch Rotamass TI

Calibration office at Rota

1994 DKD certification of the new calibration centre