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Rota Yokogawa GmbH & Co. KG






Rota Yokogawa as one of the first 100 destinations for Industry 4.0.
Rota Yokogawa as one of the first 100 destinations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg raises much attention of other companies and not only in Germany.
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Rota Yokogawa ranks among the primary “100 destinations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg”.
An award-winner of the competition “100 destinations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg”, Rota Yokogawa is one of the top 13 companies to have been singled out for distinction.
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New Yokogawa webshop
On 1 June 2013, Yokogawa opened a new webshop for glass rotameters in France. The tried and tested float-type flowmeters are therefore now also available online.
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Rota Yokogawa invests 7 million euro in new calibration system
As part of the worldwide production strategy of the Yokogawa corporation, Rota Yokogawa is extending production of flowmeters at its Wehr – Brennet site to include a new flow calibration system.
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Rota Yokogawa wins second place at Jobmotor
Rota Yokogawa has won second place in the category for up to 200 jobs at Jobmotor 2012 – organised by the Badische Zeitung and its partners.
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Fund Raising for Fukushima
We were stunned to hear about the huge disaster in Japan and its after effects. On a daily basis we had new reports on the devastations, aftershocks, destruction and the radioactive contamination of entire regions that previously were flourishing.
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Constructing Training Partnerships
For years Rota Yokogawa has been investing in its own training system. Our goal is to train our staff as best as possible and so to ensure a sustainable high degree of quality. This is the reason why our trainees in the fields of industrial engineering and mechatronics are among the best in their grades. This was confirmed on several occasions by the awards presented to our trainees by the chamber of industry and commerce.
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New appearance for Rota Yokogawa
Rota Yokogawa GmbH & Co. KG looks back at a long history with many extensions and conversion measures since moving its production facilities from Aachen to Wehr in 1944.
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Change of perspective – Rota Yokogawa as a Flow Centre of Excellence
Innovation, precision and reliability – indispensable when lives are at stake. As a flow center of excellence, Rota Yokogawa delivers quality products made in Germany.
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