Update: 2024/05/07


  FY23 FY24 forecast (5/7) Difference
Sales(Billion of yen) 540.2 563.0 22.8
Operating income(Billion of yen) 78.8 75.0 (3.8)
Ordinary income(Billion of yen) 84.1 75.0 (9.1)
Net income(Billion of yen) 61.7 49.0 (12.7)
Earnings per share (yen) 234.83 188.35 (46.48)


Financial Forecasts by Segment


(Billion of yen)

  FY23 FY24 forecast (5/7) Difference
Control 512.4 533.0 20.6
Measuring instrument 25.9 28.0 2.1
New Businesses and Others 3.6 4.0 0.4


(Billion of yen)

  FY23 FY24 forecast (5/7) Difference
Control 503.8 531.0 27.2
Measuring instrument 31.8 28.0 (3.8)
New Businesses and Others 4.5 4.0 (0.5)

Operating income

(Billion of yen)

  FY23 FY24 forecast (5/7) Difference
Control 71.7 71.0 (0.7)
Measuring instrument 8.1 5.0 (3.1)
New Businesses and Others (1.0) (1.0) 0

<Cautions concerning the use of business forecasts>

As the above business forecast is based on certain assumptions judged by the Company to be reasonable at present, actual business results may differ.
The main factors that may cause changes in the results are as follows.

  • Changes in foreign exchange rates, particularly the U.S. dollar, the euro, Asian currencies, and the currencies of the Middle East
  • Sudden changes in the price of crude oil
  • Sudden changes in the political and economic situation in major markets
  • Geopolitical risks in the Middle East and East Asia, etc.
  • Changes in the business environment such as revisions to trade regulations
  • Dramatic shifts in product supply and demand in the market
  • Changes in Japanese share prices
  • Protection of the Company's patents and securement of the licensing of patents held by other companies
  • M&A and business alliances with other companies for purposes such as product development
  • Occurrences of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis