Temperature Monitoring by Wireless Communication at Furnace


Electrical Furnaces used at steel mills to heat and melt metals, require a water cooling system to provide consistent and safe heating. If part of the cooling system fails, it can affect the quality of the product and also risk the safety of the facility and the operators.
For steady control, hundreds of temperature sensors can be installed around the furnace. However the sensor wiring is often damaged by the heating environment. The application also generates strong electrical noise which leads to erratic measurements making it difficult to apply proper control.

Electric furnace at steel mills



To overcome the challenges associated with severe ambient condition or the presence of strong electrical noise, Yokogawa recommends a Field Wireless solution based on ISA100 Wireless technology.

  • Compared with wired data transition with long signal wires, the wireless data transmission is not susceptible to electrical noise.
  • Switching to wireless measurement reduces the labor and cost associated with ongoing replacement of wires near the harsh furnace environment.
  • Yokogawa’s Field Wireless solution provides better data quality for temperature control, reduced maintenance cost and improved product quality as a result of stable temperature control.

YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point) ,YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)
YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point)
YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)

YTMX580 Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter
YTMX580 Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter


Features of YOKOGAWA Field Wireless

  • YTMX580 is the multi-input temperature transmitter. One unit can support up to eight temperature sensors.
  • The data from YTMX580 can be transmitted up 500 meters line of site. Even in dense process piping without direct visibility to the next router, reliable communication of 50 meters can be achieved. These are the benefits of ISA100.11a protocol.
  • It is scalable up to 500 wireless units (including routers).
  • Coexistence with Wi-Fi: Robust, reliable communication

Wireless : Steady, Max. 500m / Wired : subject to noise issues


Other details of YOKOGAWA Field Wireless


Reliability of the wireless system is ensured by redundant wireless channels and devices. Redundancy achieves high-speed switching.

details of YOKOGAWA Field Wireless: Redundancy
Yokogawa Full Redundant System

Cyber security

With a variety of security functions including device authentication, message authentication, message freshness checks, and encryption, the field wireless network is protected from multiple types of cyber attacks.

Sky Mesh

A breakthrough method to increase reliable and optimize networks with 2.4GHz wireless communication, being suitable for plants and other locations. It supports long distance communication in trunk communication path, covering lots of IO with less routing devices, resulting to economical wireless network topologies.

Battery pack

Replaceable in hazardous area, max 10-year battery life depending on operating condition.

Battery pack, certified with explosion proof
Battery pack, certified with explosion proof


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  • YFGW410现场无线管理站


  • YFGW510/YFGW520现场无线接入点


  • YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Point

    YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Poin has backbone router function based on ISA, and combining this with Field Wireless Management Station (YFGW410) and/or Field Wireless Media Converter (YFGW610) composes the field wireless system.

  • YTMX580多点输入温度变送器

    YTMX580最多可接收8点测量输入值,如热电偶(8种类型:K、E、J等)或RTD信号(3种类型:Pt100等),并将相应的测量输入值转换为无线信号。它也可以接收DC电压、电阻和4~20 mA DC信号输入。

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