Can you tell me how to set alarms and perform contact output (DO output) with SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series?

This requires a DO output module. The following is an example in which the DO output module is installed into slot 1, and DO output is performed at alarm level 1 on DO channel 1. If your module is already installed, you must reconfigure it.
Set alarms (alarm level 1), turn detection ON, set the output destination to “Relay,” select output destination number “0101,” and then tap Save. For details, see “Advanced Operation (Various settings and operation)” in the first step guide (IM 04L51B01-02EN).


  • 触屏式GP10/GP20

    SMARTDAC + TM GP10 / GP20是一款无纸记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,基于Web的功能和可扩展的体系结构。

  • 触屏式GX10/GX20

    SMARTDAC+TM GX10/GX20 是一款多点触屏记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,支持Web功能,具有可扩展的体系结构。


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