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Sales by geographical location

Sales by geographical location

graph: Sales by geographical location

(Billion of yen)

Sales 406.6 403.7
Sales ratio outside Japan 67.9% 68.3%
South and Central America 8.6 8.3
Middle East/ Africa 53.8 49.8
North America 30.9 31.8
Russia 19.8 18.1
All Europe 35.6 34.2
India 13.1 13.8
China 41.3 47.0
Southeast Asia/ Far East 73.072.6
Japan 130.5 128.1

For net sales for "Southeast Asia/Far East," "China," and "India," which had been included in "Asia" in the previous fiscal year, as well as net sales for "Russia," "All Europe," "Middle East/Africa," "South and Central America," and "Southeast Asia/Far East," which had been included in "Other" in the previous fiscal year, given the increasing importance of each region, we organized a system to collect precise information, and have thus changed the method of display starting in the fiscal year under review.

Sales are based on a customer's geographicimportanceal location (classified above as a country or region). The breakdown of countries and regions belonging to groups is as follows.
(1) Southeast Asia/ Far EastSingapore, South Korea, etc.
(2) ChinaChina
(3) IndiaIndia
(4) All EuropeNetherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.
(5) RussiaRussia
(6) North AmericaUnited States, Canada
(7) Middle East/ AfricaBahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc.
(8) South and Central AmericaBrazil, etc.