Data Display and Recording for Water Purification Equipment

Acquisition of Data on Water Quality/Amount of Flow

(Acquisition of Data on Water Quality/Amount of Flow)

Environmental data (water quality, amount of flow) is measured on-site and monitored from an office.

  • Display and record temperature, flow, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and other factors, and monitor on-site.
  • Automatic calculation of flow with the computation function (/M1 option).
  • Connect with DAQLOGGER for remote monitoring in real time.





µR10000 & µR20000

使用最新技術實現高可靠性、高品質、和出色的操作性能。 µR10000 & µR20000使用寬度為100和180毫米的記錄紙,具有網絡功能等多種功能。


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