IHI, Xenesys, and Yokogawa Jointly Selected for Experimental Deep Seawater Power Generation Project

Tokyo, Japan - July 9, 2012

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd. (IHI), Xenesys Inc. (Xenesys), and Yokogawa have been jointly selected by Okinawa Prefecture for its fiscal year 2012 Experimental Deep Seawater Power Generation Project. This OTEC pilot plant project, which will be conducted at the Okinawa Prefectural Deep Sea Water Research Center on Kumejima Island, is one of the efforts that are underway to develop multiple uses of deep seawater and surface water.

An OTEC system utilizes the temperature differences between warm surface seawater and cold deep seawater to generate electricity. A low-boiling-point working fluid such as ammonia is pumped into an evaporator, where the transfer of heat from warm surface seawater to the working fluid causes the fluid to vaporize. The vapor drives the turbine and generates electricity through the attached generator. Then, the vapor is transferred to a condenser where it is returned to a liquid state as the result of the transfer of heat to the cold deep seawater in the condenser. This OTEC technology is regarded as one of the most effective methods for utilizing the ocean's thermal energy, and it is most suitable in tropical and sub-tropical regions, where the temperature differences between deep seawater and surface seawater is the greatest.

In this project, the construction of an OTEC pilot plant is underway and is expected to be completed by March 2013. This OTEC pilot plant will be utilized to study methods for the reduction of power generation costs and examine the feasibility of operating floating commercial OTEC plants off the Okinawan coast. Here, IHI is handling facility design and construction, Xenesys is designing and manufacturing the power generation unit and the heat exchangers, and Yokogawa is designing, manufacturing, and engineering the monitoring and control system for the power generation unit and the electronics for the interconnected power system *.

With their respective expertise in plant engineering, OTEC technology, and monitoring and control systems, IHI, Xenesys, and Yokogawa will work together to make this Experimental Deep Seawater Power Generation Project a success and achieve progress toward the goal of a sustainable society with renewable OTEC energy in the near future.

Ocean thermal energy conversion
Ocean thermal energy conversion

* Power systems operated by companies other than power utilities that are connected to the commercial power network


About IHI Plant Construction

IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd is a construction and engineering company which plays an essential role in the IHI-group. We are now working on OTEC with our technical skills and engineering capabilities, which has been contributing to infrastructure facilities such as thermal and nuclear power plants and various storage plants. In addition, we will consider the global environment through expanding our renewable energy business. For more information, please visit our website at www.ipc-ihi.co.jp

About Xenesys

Xenesys Inc. has been working on research and development to realize and commercialize "Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)" for over 10 years. The cores of our technologies are the designing of optimum power generation system using small thermal difference and manufacturing of heat exchanger which is one of the most important equipment in all components of OTEC plants. Xenesys would like to contribute to energy efficient and sustainable society through commercialization of OTEC. For more information about Xenesys inc., please visit the website at www.xenesys.com/english/index.html

About Yokogawa

Yokogawa's global network of 90 companies spans 55 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$4 billion conducts cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is engaged in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and other businesses segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit the website at www.yokogawa.com